I despise my country's obsession with terrorism. Something horrible happened to us once that happens in other places every day, and suddenly we're mentally unstable pants-pissing martyrs who approve of digging in the buttholes of everyone who gets on a plane for a fabled false sense of security. "Come on, boys, glove up! We'll find it in this one for sure!" Guess what, douchebags? There's nothing in there but unborn turds. Our country is one of the most amazing social products of human history, and we foolishly think it will stay that way no matter what we do now.

Well, at least I have hilarious irony to comfort me. Seriously, I hope he writes that into the comic somehow.
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I just read Go Down Swinging 1 & 2

Full disclosure: I would treasure a cocktail napkin Rah used to blot her pen, even if she blew her nose on it first. I would steal and then park someone else's car all stupid in front of Jesse's house just to get the legal threat he left on the windshield. That said, it's awesome.

This is the kind of le gay romance that's a lot less romantic and a lot more asskicky. There's a generous helping of transparent "I sure wish straight boys would mack on me" fantasy, but if you even count that as a weakness, which I don't, it's still the only one. The rest of it is a load of skillfully drawn, creative violence and supernatural thrills, not to mention subtle character interactions and the silly little asides that made me fall in love with manga.

If this is sounding good, you should get yourself a copy. Support independent artists, stimulate the economy, blahdy blah HOT BOYS FIGHTING EACH OTHER blah MONSTERS blah SUSPENSE. Read it.
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orpheus in boots

Attack Cats!

I meant to post this last week but of course time got away from me, as always. :P I'm going to set a bear trap for you, Time. How do you like that?!

Also, I think many people watching this journal would appreciate The Kansas Jayhawk vs. The Midwest Monster Squad by Jeremiah Tolbert, so you really ought to treat yourself to this fine piece of short story.
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Soon, my pretties!

55% done!

I completely finished the living room, which is definitely half of what I needed to do if you count actual square footage, but there's much more scrubbing to be done in the bathroom and kitchen, so I think the next 50% might take a lot longer. >:| Drat!

Now that I have a table again, I can draw on it.* Here: Collapse )

Also, I have something up in gear_shift, if you want to take a peek.

* Which is why you're getting art instead of writing from Story Ninjas, all of which I didn't feel was journal-appropriate, for various reasons. It's okay, the art is probably better anyway.
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orpheus in boots

Story Ninjas

45% done!

Every Thursday some friends and I sit around and exchange prompts. Then we write for fifteen minutes, and then we read them aloud. It's really fun, and I've gotten a few good short stories or novel chapters finished here. If you're a writer in Bellingham you're welcome to join in. Let me know. :) I'll post one of my pieces when I get back.
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better dolphin

Field trip!

30% done!

I took a break to walk the dog and pick up detergent and cleaner. Arm and Hammer doesn't give you a nickel or even any liquid. You fill the spray bottle with your own water when you get home. Then you screw in a cartridge containing Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters. It works very well, smells nice, and it plays wacky pranks on Janine for your entertainment. (Plus it was the cheapest one and I had to save my money to buy steak for crows. )
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At least if I get eaten I won't have allergies anymore...

18% done!*

Like Indiana Jones, I am finding treasures in the Temple of Doom. Observe:
  • Eleven cents in pennies
  • Whole avocado covered in mold
  • The sugar spoon!
  • Enough dog hair to knit a new dog
  • Butch's favorite cat toy
  • Lots of underwear (why do I take off my underwear in the living room?!)
  • A chest full of gold, jewels, and low-mortgage real estate

* I realize my progress is not impressive, but it's partly because I didn't fairly represent each task this time--the length of time it takes to do the ones I already did is much longer than most of the ones I have left. (The room I'm doing now is twice the size of any other room in the house, except the attic or basement, which I will NOT be cleaning today.)
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If I wanted it I would have ASKED for it.

12% done!

Dude, the Paralyzed Veterans of America sent us a nickel. Like an actual nickel. I'm thinking about using it to build a hot robot that can cook breakfast for paralyzed vets. I'm also thinking of donating to them just because of their brazen scheme, even though I'm not actually guilted the way they intended me to be. I'm more affected by irony than pity. Maybe I should build a robot that can use the nickel to paralyze people...
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